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Adobe Connect Getting Started Guide

This Guide will allow the testing of your computer in preparation for a successful Adobe Connect session. ALL steps on the page must be followed prior to any scheduled event requiring the usage of Adobe Connect.


Bandwidth Requirements

Minimum Requirements
Bandwidth: 512Kbps(EKU Recommended: 1.5Mbps or higher) for participants, meeting attendees, and end users of Adobe Connect applications. Connection: DSL/cable (wired connection recommended) for Adobe Connect presenters, administrators, trainers, and event and meeting hosts.

Adobe Connect software includes support for the following languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese Simplified, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Check to see that your laptop/computer/mobile device meets hardware specifications Adobe Connect requirements.


Headphones with Attached Microphone are Required

Audio features inside of Adobe connect use VoIP technology. In order to take full advantage of audio clarity and effective communication, a headset will be required. Headsets with a built-in microphone reduce noise allowing providing the best possible online interactive experience. Headphones vary in quality and performance. We recommend spending $20-$40 for best results. Logitech makes a very good USB headset which many of our Faculty use.


Software Requirements

The Adobe Add-In, recent version of Java Runtime and Flash player are required. If you do not have Java installed please download it prior to performing the automated system test below. You may obtain Java by go to  We also recommend using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, however other browsers like Google Chrome are supported. NOTE: Be sure to only install Java as sometimes internet downloads include PUPs(Potentially Unwanted Programs).

Click “Test My System” to perform the Meeting Connection Diagnostics. This will ensure your system is ready for Adobe Connect sessions. NOTE: If you system is missing an Add-In or other software, Adobe will automatically attempt to install them with your permission.


Before Entering Meeting Room

Prior to clicking the link to enter a meeting room sent by your Instructor, please make sure of the following:

·    Be prepared for class
      (Attending Adobe Connect is your way to come to class. Please use the same code
      of behavior
you would use in a classroom.  Dress appropriately, participate from
      a quiet, undisturbed environment, and keep pets and family members out of
      camera range.

·    Internet connection meets the requirements
·    Headphones are plugged in and working
·    Only enter the meeting room once


Follow the Link Provided by your Instructor

Click the link to enter the Meeting room. Choose “Enter as Guest” and input your first and last name that coordinates with your EKU Student email account.


Finally, once you have entered the room, the instructor will assign you a proper role for the meeting. In the event you experience technical difficulties, use the Chat feature inside of Adobe Connect to send a message to your instructor, send them and email or call them if you have their phone number.

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