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Rowlett 249

Classroom Technology in Rowlett 249

Figure 1

The red circle above identifies the "Cubby Connection" cables proceeding out of the LCD panel compartment. These cables are to be used for ALL laptops that do not use the docking station connection provided. The Docking station in this photo is identified in the yellow rectangle. It is very common to arrive in the room with the docking station completely disconnected. Primarily people may forget their power supply and simply unhook everything on the dock for its power supply connection. There will be a power supply in the Dean's office in case instructors do not have theirs with them. Please reaturn it to the Dean's office when you are finished.

Yellow numbered connections above

1) Audio cable: For audio to play in the room, this cable must be plugged into the audio jack in the laptop. Specifically the audio jack that has the headphones image beside it.

2) VGA cable: This connector enables the laptop to be projected to the screen

3) USB cable: This cable bridges the Podium SmartPanel Monitor to mirror the laptop. It also enables the use of the pen attached to act as a mouse. It is advised to connect this USB, reboot and then it should work perfectly.

4) Wired Internet: This is an ethernet cable for a wired connection in the event wireless isn't working properly

**The HP 840 is currently the only laptop that will work in the docking station


Figure 2

How to Connect your Laptop Succeffully

1) Ensure that all cables are securely plugged in where applicable

2) Dock your laptop firmly or plug in the cables for the Cubby connection (Refer to Figure 1)

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